Throwing a couple dimes

Monday, December 7, 2009

I was going to write about these two things, but some of my fellow Celtics bloggers beat me to it.  So instead of beating a dead horse and writing my own commentary, I'll just let you hear their opinions:

CelticsHub's Brendan Jackson, on who should get the brunt of Marquis Daniels' minutes:
While I’m not a psychologist (although I have been known to enjoy a good armchair), I believe his stints in the D-League, the fact that he was a first round pick, the attempts to resurrect his image after his incidents at Kansas and subsequent exodus, and him playing on a team that flat out didn’t need him for two years has really hurt J.R. psyche.

This stretch the C’s will have play without Daniels, however, could be what J.R. needs to become an actual player in the league. There is no chance that J.R. can become a star, starter, or even seventh man off the bench, but could he develop into a guy that plays six minutes a game? I think so.
Just like me and, probably, everyone else who's ever watched Tony Allen play basketball, Jackson doesn't believe TA should get Daniels' minutes.  He thinks they should go to the inexperienced Giddens, a guy who has never seen extended time in his career. 

But who do I think should get those minutes?  Doc Rivers, as a player-coach, of course.  Seriously though, there isn't a viable option off the bench at small forward besides 'Quisy.  My top option to be the recipient of those minutes would probably be Scal, but the thought of Scal having to guard opposing small forwards is already giving me nightmares.  Still, I think he's the best option.  At the very least, he'll play good team defense, hit open shots, and not to anything too destructive to the team.  (TA, I'm looking at you.) 

If not Scal, bring Billy Walker up from the D-League.  He's been far more productive than Giddens to this point in his career.  Plus, he's likely to at least produce a highlight, if nothing else. 

Now, here's CelticsHub quoting Ric Bucher from an NBA Podcast on ESPN:
As for Sheed, I’ve got to tell you. The most startling thing–this is a guy who has always played his way into shape. But I went into the locker room after the game, and he took off his shirt, and I mean, I could not believe what I saw. I mean, he looked like a guy who is on the couch watching games with a bowl of potato chips and a six pack and not a guy who is playing a game. The roll I saw hanging off of his shorts—I’ve never seen it on him before and I can’t tell you the last guy I saw that had a body like that. He’s not Popeye Jones-esque, but it was a very, very bad look.
I've actually been wanting to write about Rasheed's unsightly shape for awhile.  I've never seen him without his shirt on, but he sure seems pretty damn pudgy underneath that jersey of his.  On top of that, he's a touch slow, he's front-rimmed countless jumpers, and he looks fat, damn it! 

Now, I don't care what he looks like if he plays well, but Rasheed would help the C's even more than he already has if he were in shape.  Maybe he'll be able to play himself into shape, maybe not.  But as long as he's canning jumpers, snatching rebounds, and contesting shots come playoff time, I don't care if he looks like Free Willy.


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