NBA Season Preview: Golden St. Warriors

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last year's record: 29-53
Head coach: Don Nelson
Projected Starters: Andris Biedrins, Anthony Randolph, Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette, Monta Ellis


With a young, inexperienced lineup, look for the Warriors to lose more games than they win. There’s a lot of talent in Golden St., but the Warriors likely still have a ways to go before they will be considered true playoff contenders.


Jay – Stephen Curry. Does the rookie guard have what it takes to make the transition to the NBA or will he be yet another collegiate star who doesn’t pan out in the league? I’m worried his frail build and lack of elite athleticism will keep him from making too big an impact, but the gunner from Davidson could prove me wrong.

Tommy - Don Nelson. This odd collection of talent gives me visions of Nelson sitting in a dark room somewhere, watching film and cackling to himself. It'll be fascinating to see what Nelson and Co. can come up with.

TJ - Monta Ellis will need to show more leadership heading into the season as the Warriors starting point guard. (That means stay off the bike and in the gym working on your game, Monta.)

Biggest question mark:

Jay – Chemistry. The Warriors have a fair amount of talent, but it’s a mismatched crew. They have little size, no true point guard, and very few players with a defensive mentality. If Don Nelson can somehow get the team to develop chemistry, the Warriors could surprise a lot of people. But it’s a BIG if.

Tommy - Will they have any reliable big men coming off the bench? Even Nelson has to play at least one big guy off the bench and it's slim pickings with Mikki Moore, Ronny Turiaf, and Brandon Wright.

TJ - Will the Warriors honor Stephen Jackson’s request and trade him to a playoff contender or will they let his disturbing attitude destroy the morale of a young nucleus?

Most compelling storyline:

Jay – Can the youth grow up quickly? Anthony Randolph, Anthony Morrow, and Stephen Curry all have the potential to be very good pros, but they will have to mature quickly for this team to have any chance at being good.

Tommy - How long will the Nelson-Curry honeymoon last? Will they have a messy divorce like Nelson and former love Belinelli this summer?

TJ – Can the run-and-gun style of play help this inexperienced roster win some ballgames? While fun to watch, the style has not proven conducive to winning big games.

Player to watch:

Jay – Stephen Jackson. The loose cannon has already begun the season disgruntled with management, requesting a trade before the season has even begun. Can he get his emotions under control enough to mentor a young team? When focused, Jackson is a true threat on both ends of the floor.

Tommy - Monta Ellis. Important year for him. Which way does he go as a player?

TJ - Anthony Randolph is going to be a stud; in my eyes, the question is when, not if. If I were the Warriors, I would rebuild the team around Randolph and Monta Ellis.

Projected Record:

Jay – 30-52

Tommy - 38-44

TJ – 32-50