Tim Donaghy's 60 minutes interview did nothing to reinstill his credibility

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tim Donaghy, you are a saint.  You didn't throw the games you wagered on? We might as well call you Mother Teresa.  That, or a big, fat liar who has zero credibility and even less character.

You say you were so afraid of the mob that you started informing them of which team to bet, yet you were ballsy enough to stick up to them and tell them (quote via ESPN), "I just told them that I wasn't making calls in games to influence the outcome.  And I'm not going to be able to obviously predict the winner every night, and they have to accept that's what's going to happen."

Your story makes no sense, Tim.  You expect us to believe that you, the ref who has ties with the mob and bet on many of your own games, don't throw games, but other referees certainly did.  You bet on games, you were involved with the mob, and you were afraid for your family's lives, yet you told them (quote from my own fictitious mind), "No way, guys.  Betting on games and destroying the integrity of the NBA is fine, but throwing games?  Man, that's another story."
Now, don't get me wrong, I don't believe that you were the only NBA referree involved in scandal.  I don't think for a second you're the only scummy ref the NBA's ever had.  But to try to tell me you never threw a game, even though the mob was on your ass and threatening your family's lives?  Save it.
You started yesterday's interview with zero credibility, and in my eyes, you now have even less.  Somehow, someway, you found a way to make me trust you even less than I already do.  Somehow, someway, you found a way to be seen as, in my eyes at least, a bigger liar than you already were.  Somehow, by throwing all those stones at the NBA and other refs, you managed to hit yourself.


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