Boston Celtics-Milwaukee Bucks game preview

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I've already written a piece about the game tonight, so instead of writing a full-fledged column here, I'm just going to give you a list of four things to look for in tonight's game:

1. Brandon Jennings vs. Rajon Rondo - I don't really need to say more, but of course I'm going to.  Quickness.  Speed.  Playmaking.  Rising stars.  Potential All-Stars.  The future of these two teams.  Is any of that enough to entice you to watch this one?

2. The disappearing Andrew Bogut - For a while, when the Bucks were going good, it looked like Bogut himself might be an All-Star.  He was putting up double-doubles every game and being the physical presence the Bucks needed every time out.  Now, he's regressed so much recently that coach Scott Skiles has said Bogut goes into certain games thinking he can't play well against a certain opponent.  Not exactly the attitude you want out of your starting center.  (And especially not out of a starting center you drafted ahead of Chris Paul.)

By the way, an interesting tidbit on Bogut: ESPN the Magazine's John Gustafson once wrote of Bogut, "To be fair, while he shoots with the touch of Vlade Divac and passes with the grace of Arvydas Sabonis, he's a superior athlete to both."  Uhh, John?  Once you return from drug rehab, do you want to add that he gets scared to play against good centers?

3. Celtics at home - For whatever reason, the Celtics have really struggled at home so far this season.  They have gotten off to bad starts, played poorly for long portions of the game, and acted like home is certainly not where the heart is.  We'll see tonight if their recent good play is confined only to the road, or whether it will cross over to Boston.

4. Who plays Marquis Daniels' minutes - With 'Quisy out with an injury, somebody's going to be called on to fill in for him.  If you see a man drop to his knees, screaming at the heavens, "Please, please, please don't let it be Tony Allen," that's me.


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