Throwing a couple dimes

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A couple more pieces I wish I'd penned myself.

First, Celtics Central's Tom Halzack writes the best Brandon Jennings piece I've seen today.  (And, believe me, that is a major accomplishment.  I've almost seen more articles today about Jennings than Tiger Woods.)  Here's a brief excerpt:
Drop 55 points on somebody and you get that team’s attention. Do it as a 20 year old rookie in your 5th NBA game and you get everyone’s attention.
That is what the NBA’s newest budding star, point guard Brandon Jennings did to the Golden State Warriors on November 14. Okay, so he should get a ten point handicap because it was the Warriors, but still, that is fantastic shooting by any standard.
He goes on to discuss Jennings' role with the Bucks in depth, his groundbreaking position as the first high-schooler to take off overseas, and Scott Skiles' role in Jennings' development.  Really a good read.

The second piece is CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely, handing out quarter-of-the-season grades.  Here are a few:
Paul Pierce — His numbers don't come close to doing justice to what The Captain has meant to this club, this season. First quarter statistics: 18.6 points; 3.8 assists; 4.6 rebounds. GRADE: A-
Kevin Garnett — After a slow start, Kevin Garnett is looking like his old dominant self. First quarter statistics: 15 points; 7.4 rebounds; 2.7 assists. GRADE: B
Kendrick Perkins — Has played at an all-star caliber level, establishing himself as one of the league's best defensive big men. First quarter statistics: 11.7 points; 7.7 rebounds; two blocks. GRADE: A-
He goes on to grade everyone -- even Scal -- so you should check it out.  Maybe next time, I'll pen my own nice piece.  But, until then, I'll just link to the people who do.


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