Remember good ole Orien Greene?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Via D-League Digest:
Somewhere in the middle of all the offensive frustration and the flashes of defensive potential, there is something about Orien Greene that intrigues me. Maybe I’m just one more Celtics fan remembering the days when potential was all we faithful had (there should really be more party games that incorporate cruising down Celtics forums for “Bring back Gerald Green!” threads).

Man, it's really the night for updates on former Celtics bums point guards who couldn't quite cut it with the big guys.  Do you remember Greene, a throwback to the old days, back when it was more or less Paul Pierce and four unnamed teammates?  In case you don't, he was a very capable defender, with a strong frame (6'4", 200 lbs.), athleticism, and long arms.  He looked the part of a professional athlete, even if he didn't always play like it.

According to D-League Digest, Greene is really making his presence felt in the D-League... for better or worse. He had eight steals in his last game, and seems to be flashing the defensive potential that made him so intriguing in the first place.  On the other end, though?  Uh-oh.  Greene isn't exactly what one would call a "pure scorer", missing a whopping 21 of his first 31 shots.


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