Gabe Pruitt signs with the D-League's L.A. Defenders

Thursday, December 3, 2009

According to ESPNBoston, Gabe Pruitt has signed with the D-League's L.A. Defenders.  You might remember Pruitt as the player who was drafted in the second round with big hopes but never made a big (any?) impact on the C's organization.  A tall, decently-athletic point guard who can shoot, Pruitt lacked the aggressiveness to make his presence felt in the NBA.

He'll get his chance now to make an impact in the D-League, where my friend has been stuck for over two seasons (in NBA2k10).  No joke, he created a player, and he's been in the D-League for two seasons, averaging 40 points and 11 rebounds per game but not getting called up to the NBA once.  He ended up getting so frustrated with his extended stay in the D-League that he researched -- yes, researched -- why he wasn't getting promoted to the big leagues.

Apparently, there's some glitch in the game that makes certain created players get stuck in the D-League forever, with no hopes of ever getting called up.

Hopefully, Pruitt won't experience that same glitch.  I'm still rooting for him, even though he's playing for the f---ing Lakers' affiliate.


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