Pacers shoot for the moon against Celtics

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why am I worried about a home game against a 9-17 team sitting in last place in the Central Division? Because tonight's game has the feeling of a trap game to me, and the Indiana Pacers seem to truly enjoy playing the Celtics.

So, why am I worried about the Indiana Pacers being a trap game? Here's the list :

  • Pacers were the only team to beat the Celtics when they were on the road season
  • Pacers seem to have the Celtics number
  • Celtics looking ahead to the Orlando Magic on Christmas Day
  • Home Game- Celtics have lacked energy all year while playing at TD Bank Garden
  • Pacers ability to push the tempo with Ford, Rush, Dunleavy & Murphy
  • A Spread the floor 4, in this case, Troy Murphy, gives the Celtics trouble, KG struggles to guard all year
  • Indiana Pacers are 10th in the NBA in rebounding, compared to the Boston Celtics, who sit at 27th
Despite all my concern, I'm still predicting a Celtics win. Why? Well, mainly because I'm a total homer and have a vested interest in the Celtics. But here are the basketball reasons:

  • No Danny Granger: Without Granger, the Pacers lose their best player and the only player who can keep both Pierce and Allen honest on the defensive end
  • Pacers only average 19.4 asts/game, 20th in the NBA, and almost 7 below our C's. To beat the Celtics defense, you have to be able to move the ball, especially without your best player.
  • We're still the goddamn Boston Celtics, and our record is 21-5.


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