KG to miss tonight's game

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Uh-oh.  This is something we've all been fearing, all year long...  Kevin Garnett will miss tonight's game.

Via Chris Forsberg's Twitter account:
No KG for the Celtics tonight, according to those outside the building, Ainge said on Comcast TV that it's "strategic rest."

Rasheed Wallace will start in KG's place.
"Strategic rest" sounds more to me like "KG's hurting."  If it was really only strategic rest, don't you think we would have known about it after the last game, rather than a few minutes before tonight's tip-off?

Remember last season, when KG was out for a few games at first, then it was a few more, then suddenly he was out for the whole season?

I hope this isn't the beginning of a horrendous deja vu.

Update (via Mike Petraglia's Twitter account):
Kevin Garnett will miss tonight's game with a right thigh bruise. He is not dressing.
Right thigh bruise doesn't sound too bad, but you never know. 


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