Joe Johnson wants to come back to Boston?

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's improbable, it's unlikely, it's not very plausible, but apparently Joe Johnson wouldn't mind wearing the Green and White next season.  (Via Marc Spears, Yahoo! Sports):
A source also said Johnson would have interest in returning to the Boston Celtics, who drafted him in 2001, but such a scenario is laughable unless there is a sign-and-trade because the Celtics won’t have salary-cap room.
So who's with me in starting the Tony Allen for Joe Johnson campaign?  All we have to do is take the Hawks' ownership group out, get them hammered, then convince them to hire Chris Wallace as their GM.  Once Wallace signs on, that deal is as good as done, salary cap issues be damned.

Seriously, though, while it would be terrific to see Johnson back for a second stint in Boston, it seems almost impossible.  So think about it, dream about it, but don't get attached to the thought and don't get your hopes up that it's anything more than a pipe dream.


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