Celtics-Bobcats, part two

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Boston Celtics (13-4)  VS. Charlotte Bobcats (7-9)

Last time the Celtics played the Bobcats, it was like taking candy from a baby. This time, if they take anything - anything at all - from Charlotte, Stephen Jackson will probably fight the whole team, and maybe even his home crowd.

Jackson is either one of the most misunderstood players in the NBA, or one of the most classless human beings in the NBA. And who knows, maybe he's even both.

No matter what he is, he's helped Charlotte become an average offensive team, which, if you saw them hang a whopping 59 points on the Celtics in the first matchup, is no small feat. Charlotte is huge on the perimeter, with Jackson and Gerald Wallace (both at least 6'7") playing the 2 and 3, and Charlotte should have a mismatch for whomever Ray Allen has to defend.

On the other end, look for Boston to reap the benefits of a bigger, badder frontcourt that should leave them with easy buckets. Once upon a time, Tyson Chandler was a terrific defender. Now, though, I don't think he even has a pulse, and he's still a better post defender than any other Bobcat.

The 'Cats have been on fire, while the Celtics have slowly run up a little win streak of their own. This should be a good one.


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KWAPT said...

Should be a good game. Charlotte will be pumped and looking to prove they are for real. I think it will be a tight game ala the Knicks affair last weekend, but I see the Celts prevailing. I think KG, Perk and Shelden need to establish the rules early-no easy layups or open dunks. I'd much rather see hard-fouls and make guys shoot free-throws. We also need to watch Cap'n Jack and not let him get comfortable and get in a groove shooting 3's. (without getting anyone in early foul trouble of course)

December 1, 2009 at 6:07 PM
Jay King said...

Agreed. I'm more worried about the Bobcats' size than anything else. They are huge, and Gerald Wallace has been rebounding at a center-esque rate thus far. Of course, I guess he has to rebound that well to make up for the rebounds Tyson Chandler's corpse doesn't snatch.

December 1, 2009 at 6:12 PM

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