Austin Rivers, Doc's son, almost beat Paul Pierce in a one-on-one game

Friday, December 4, 2009

Via ESPNRise:
"I was just doing step-backs, really," recalls Austin, who was giving up about four inches and 50 pounds at the time. "Just shooting jump shots."
His size notwithstanding, Austin goes up 4-2 in the first-to-five matchup. Pierce, who has built a Hall of Fame career with his plodding, effective drives and crunch-time heroics, is suddenly serious.

He starts taking the youngster to the rack, and Austin -- just a high school sophomore at the time -- is powerless to do anything about it. Pierce prevails, 5-4.
Doc's son, ESPN's second-ranked high school junior, is apparently pretty damn good.  If you read the rest of the article, you'll see Doc's comment to Austin after Pierce told him Austin was tough to stop ("He never said anything about your defense"), and a rundown on Austin's game.

I think the C's should have Austin successfully challenge the NBA's age limit in court, then trade Tony Allen to Austin's high school team in exchange for his rights.  Whaddaya think?


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