Tim Thomas spews anti-gay slurs, may or may not have hit woman with chair

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Have you ever been to Denny's at about 3:00 in the morning?  I don't know about you, but I have.  It's a great spot for a little drunken grub, for cheap food you couldn't possibly stomach if you were sober.  Whenever I go to Denny's, I'm as happy as can be:  I sit down, chat with my buddies, and order a Grand Slamwich or two.  I may be slurring my words, but I'm not making slurs about gay people.

Well, that's where Tim Thomas and I are different.  (Well, that, and that fact that I actually try when I play basketball.)  According to the Dallas News, Tim Thomas set off a melee with "anti-gay epithets" at 3:00 a.m. in a Denny's restaurant:
[Damien Pettie] said that when he and his friends passed by Thomas’ table and he addressed the player by saying, “What’s up?” Thomas responded that that he didn’t talk to “faggots.” The police report also quoted Pettie as saying Thomas used that term.

Pettie told The News he later passed Thomas’ table again, and that Thomas made another remark derogatory remark about gays.“I asked one of the guys, ‘What the hell did you say?’ ’’ Pettie said. “As Tim continued to instigate the situation, one of the guys hit me in my mouth. Another one of his friends hit me. They pushed me down onto a table.”

Pettie says he picked up a chair to defend himself. One of the men who hit him in the face then picked up a chair and threw it, he said. Pettie said he caught the chair, but not before it Kissick.

He said Thomas then yelled out that the police had been called and that it was time to leave.
Whether it was Thomas who threw the chair (at a 65-year old woman celebrating her birthday) remains to be seen:
A man identified as Thomas threw a chair that struck Moya Kissick, striking her in her left side.

Thomas and his group then left the restaurant before police arrived.

Pettie told The Dallas Morning News that someone else -- not Thomas -- threw the chair.
To me, the question isn't whether Tim Thomas threw a chair.  The question is, why was somebody celebrating her 65th birthday at Denny's?  Don't you think she could have found a better spot to celebrate? 

I hope and pray that when I turn 65, I'm not celebrating at Denny's. 

I would make another joke about Tim Thomas not living up to his potential but, you see, then I'd have to watch my back for the ensuing flying chair.  So I'll just leave you with one last question:  What kind of man throws a chair?


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