Throwing a dime: Rajon Rondo is 'not your typical jock'

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Once in a while, someone else's article catches my eye. Sometimes, it's because the article is so spot-on I wish I'd written it myself. Other times, it's because the article enlightens me with something I never knew. Still other times, it's because I disagree with whatever's written. No matter what the reason, I dish it off to another writer to make his/her point. You know, throwing some dimes.

  • Gary Washburn of the Globe had a very interesting chat yesterday where he answered questions from Celtics fans, throwing out a bunch of  interesting tidbits.  Here are a few:
First, Washburn talks about Rondo's behavior:

[Comment From Chuck: ]
We read subtle references to Rondo's off the court persona. Is he a difficult personality? just quiet? are we gonna start saying "It's Rondo being Rondo" soon?

Gary Washburn:
Rajon Rondo is an interesting dude because he is not your typical jock or player who went to college just to play ball but wouldn't know about the world around him. He is very intelligent, rather moody and quite comical. He is not the "young guy who keeps quite around the old dudes" type of guy. If he has something to say, he will say it. Now perhaps a few years ago, that didn't go over well. But he is picking and choosing his moments better when to say certain things.
It's pretty out of the blue to hear about Rondo being an intellectual.  When I heard all types of stories this summer about Rondo being harder to deal with than Elin Nordegren with a golf club in her hand, I never figured he was the next Good Will Hunting.

Washburn makes a lot of great points, but also proves he's new in town:

[Comment From PennStateDad: ]
The C's appear to be rounding into shape, but Tony Allen is still maddeningly inconsistent. He'll make a great hustle play, then make a real dumb one. It's not just his coming back from injury; he's always done this. Is there any hope he'll improve?

Gary Washburn:
I know I will hear it from C's fans on this one, but I really like Tony Allen. He is athletic, chases loose balls, is tough and can score. He hit a big shot last night in Memphis and I think with more games, he will really help this team. He is already getting better, but I know he has made some questionable plays in his time here. I am fresh eyes, so I am seeing more positive than negative.
In time, I think Washburn will see the truth about Tony Allen: As good as he looks on certain trips down the court, the only thing he can be trusted for is being as trustworthy on a basketball court as Tiger Woods is away from home.  (That makes two zings at the Woods family in one post. A new career high... for now.)

Be sure to read the rest of the chat.  It's insightful and offers a lot of insider knowledge you probably wouldn't get elsewhere.


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