The 'That's what she said' quote of the day

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disclaimer:  If you are in any way "mature", this post won't be for you.  If you are younger than the age of 14, I suggest you close your eyes and move on to the next post.  If you are a woman, a priest, a rabbi, or in any way old-fashioned, I apologize.  If, however, you're like me and tend to appreciate "That's what she said" jokes, potty humor, and have the maturity of a five-year old boy, it might brighten your day.

(One note: I do not search through articles looking for disgusting, obscene quotes.  This was actually emailed to me by a friend.)

Without further ado, let me present to you today's winner of the "That's what she said" quote of the day, Flip Saunders. 

Via the Washington Times:
What you do is, you put wood on people and what you do is wear him out.
In the spirit of Gus Johnson, "Pause."  The article "claims" Saunders was talking about setting screens, but one can never be sure.

As for Gus Johnson, let us one last time share the hilarity of his discrete "pause" of Spike Lee's comment, "I like dick".  (Speaking of Dan Dickau, of course.)  And if there are any Celtics out there, watch out.  The Wizards might set some pretty mean screens tonight.


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