Ray Allen wants to break Reggie Miller's three-point record

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ray Allen was mired in an almost season-long slump. He was uncharacteristically cold, missing open looks he never, ever misses. So what did he do?

He kept shooting. What else would such a great shooter do? Ray's got a terrific chance of catching Reggie Miller's record for the most career three-pointers in NBA history (2,560 threes), and he hasn't made all those threes by losing confidence in himself or being gunshy.

Now, Allen is shooting 44.6% from threes in the month of December. His jumper is rounding into form, and the threes are once again falling.

And that record? The NBA record for most three-pointers in a career?

Ray would like to break it.

Via the Indy Star:
Allen said he wants to break Miller's record because he doesn't want to have any regrets when he retires.

"Once you retire, you can't do anything because your stats are cemented," Allen said. "It's not like 'Mr. 3000.' You can't come back and get up one more 3. That's what it's all about, trying to do everything I can to stay in great shape and prepare for every shot that may come my way. I think records are really about longevity."


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