Rasheed Wallace surprised Antonio McDyess by signing with Boston

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Via the San Antonio Express-News:
The things (the Pistons) had going with Boston the last couple years, I was surprised he signed there, and not only me,” McDyess said. “A lot of the other guys on our team in Detroit were surprised.

“It wasn’t genuine dislike between us and the Celtics, but when you compete so hard against a team, well, it would have been like Reggie Miller going to New York from the Pacers. You know the guys on his team would have been saying, ‘Oh, you want to go to New York?’
Umm, Antonio, for most of Rasheed's time in Detroit, the Celtics were bottom-feeders.  The Pistons played the C's in one playoff series during Rasheed's time, two years ago during Boston's championship run.  This wasn't exactly an epic rivalry by any sorts.  They weren't trading blow for blow like the Pacers and the Knicks in the 1990's.  Where'd you expect Rasheed to go, anyways?  Milwaukee?  Minnesota?

Still, McDyess considers Wallace to a nice person to play with:
“He’s a great, great teammate, with a lot of enthusiasm on the court,” McDyess said. “I played with him so many years, and now having an opportunity to play against him is going to be weird. At this point, we’re just trying to get a win. I have to put all that friendship behind me.”
So what does Rasheed think about the Spurs?
“Not taking anything away from San Antonio,” he said then, “but I would have to say a few of the changes that they made on their bench and on their roster didn’t quite sit with me too well.”
I'm not quite sure exactly what in the world 'Sheed meant by that. Maybe he doesn't like that they traded for Richard Jefferson. Or maybe he wishes they would have signed him. Maybe he just misses dear, sweet Bruce Bowen.

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