Rajon Rondo can be a little stand-offish

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Celtics Stuff Live's Kevin Henkin discusses a couple brief chats he had with Rajon Rondo.  Emphasis on brief:
Me: “Have you got a moment for a few quick questions?”
Rondo: “Sure.”

Me: “So how’s the jumper?”

Thud. At that moment, I could actually see the proverbial door slam shut behind Rondo’s eyes. He formally responded to the question with a terse: “It’s fine.”
When I pressed him further by asking him if he’d been working on the jumper over the summer, he offered an expansive: “Yup.” When I followed up with an inquiry about how things were progressing with said jumper, he said, “Great,” and gave me a blank, unblinking stare.
Henkin thought that one might have been his fault; after all, he led off his interview with a sore subject, Rondo's jumper.  But how do you explain Rondo being gruff when asking about a headband?
Me: “These are kind of silly questions, but I’m doing a story on headbands.”
Rondo: “Uh huh.”
Me: “How come you wear them?”
Rondo: “I don’t know. Sometimes I wear them, sometimes I don’t. It all depends.”
Me: “Is it a good luck charm?”
Rondo: “No. Just another part of the uniform.”
Me: “Do you wear a different one every game?”
“No. Whatever the team gives us actually.”
Me: “Um….(desperately trying to think of any other questions that might salvage the effort, but none come to mind)…Thanks for your time.”
Rajon Rondo, a man of few words.  Unless, that is, he's telling Chris Paul all about his championship ring.


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Anonymous said...

ok man, your a dick head simple as that. I would love to see you play one on one with rondo and get the shit kicked out of you. I know reporting is your job and all but talking about ronods "bad" jumper in not intrestings at , who cares if its not as good as say kobes or allens or nashs its good enough to be in the nba. So in conclusion yes you are a dick head.

December 28, 2009 at 3:45 AM

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