One more reason I love Kevin Garnett

Friday, December 25, 2009

There are so many reasons I love KG.  He never takes a play off, plays unselfishly, and is willing to sacrifice anything of his own to help his own team win.  (And yeah, that last reason sounds a lot like the second reason, but I couldn't just stop at "unselfish.")

Here's one more reason.

Via the Boston Herald:
Getting Garnett to take a break before exacerbating an injury has proven a difficult task for the Celtics.

“I only know one way to play,” he said. “And since I’ve been able to come into this league, I learned from some gritty veterans in Sam (Mitchell) and Terry Porter. Those guys pushed through a lot of things. I never want to sit or never try to sit during practice. I don’t believe in days off unless the coach gives them to you. So my thing is to work, and that’s what I do when I come to the gym.

“Sometimes you’ve got to listen to your body, and as I get older that’s probably the smarter thing to do. But when I come here, I don’t come here for social reasons. I don’t come here to lollygag or shoot the (expletive) or shoot the breeze. I come here to work. I come here to get something done.”
I don't care what you think about Garnett's on-court antics. I don't care what type of reaction you have when Garnett blocks a shot after the whistle, or when he constantly spews four-letter words in the direction of his opponent...

No matter what, you have to admire the effort, determination, and passion with which he plays every time he steps on that court.

Merry Christmas, everyone.  Or happy holidays.  No matter what you celebrate, enjoy your time at home and appreciate your families and everything you're blessed with.


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