The Morning Walkthrough: Ray Allen struggling from the arc

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Celtics have gotten rid of their morning walkthrough, but that doesn't mean we have to.  Here are a few Celtics links, and maybe even an NBA link or two, to help wake you up and get you focused for the day.

Brian Robb, CelticsHub - "A lot of people I’ve watched game with this year have also commented to me how it looks like Ray is going to the hoop more often. Well guess what? The numbers show he is. According to 82games, Allen has taken 27% of his shots this year from close range, up 8 percent from last year’s numbers. So not only is Ray taking less 3’s, he is not settling for long 2 pt jumpers and is instead taking the ball to the basket more to get a higher percentage shot. Kudos to the 34 year old for adapting his game accordingly while he is slumping."

Gary Washburn, Boston Globe - "Last week, he told reporters he was tired of questions about his knee. Many NBA pundits who haven’t seen him since early last season noticed he was a step slower and favoring his knee.  Recently Garnett has made tremendous strides in how he runs and the aggressiveness in which he attacks rebounds. There is more spring on his jumpers and alley-oops are easier to finish off. Garnett acknowledged it would take time to return to vintage form. He missed five months after he had bone spur surgery.  But Celtics fans have gotten an excitable dose of the old KG in the last three games."

CelticsBlog - "The Red Claws' roster, like most basketball teams, should be separated into tiers to be evaluated honestly. There is the 'Top Tier', usually consisting of two or three players. These would be the 'stars', and the guys who play the majority of the minutes and do most of the heavy lifting. Then, there are the remainder of the starters and the first guys off the bench. Finally there is the bottom layer, the guys who get sporadic playing time and are usually called on for specific roles (3pt shooting situations for instance)."

Gerald Narcisco, Dime - "Final Verdict: Whether he is a product of a good team or not, I think you’d have to put Rondo in the All-Star Game if the selections were based on these first 20 games. He is in the top five in steals and assists and is playing on a winner. After Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson and Vince Carter, I think you’d have to put Rondo right there with Brandon Jennings for the fourth best guard in the East."

Red's Army - "Rajon Rondo is our lightning fast point guard who routinely makes defenders look stupid as he flies to the basket untouched.  His 40 time is... well... I don't know.  Let's just say its fast.  Well... Apparently Rajon Rondo, who is no stranger to challenging fast people to races, wants to see what Chris Johnson can really do.  At least... if you believe Chris Johnson on twitter."


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