Marquis Daniels injured by "Nolan Ryan Rondo"

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I can honestly say I've been waiting my entire life to use this photo in a blog post.

Via the Boston Herald:
Marquis Daniels, who has been nursing, and taping, a sore left thumb and wrist for the last week, finally had to leave today’s practice after taking a hard Rajon Rondo pass off the hand.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers said that as a result, Daniels will miss Tuesday night’s game against the Bucks. Tony Allen, who ran hard through a complete practice today, is expected to take Daniels’ place in the lineup.

“Nolan Ryan Rondo threw the ball in practice, I tried to catch it, and it just hit my thumb wrong and swelled up a little more,” said Daniels, who said he may have an MRI taken of the thumb and wrist tomorrow.
Nolan Ryan Rondo, huh?  After Rondo takes on Chris Johnson in a race, let's have Rondo participate in a throwing contest with the Red Sox' Daniel Bard.  We could even make this into another reality t.v. series, like "Shaq Vs."  Can't you just imagine the commercials: "Watch Rajon Rondo try to outlift Vince Wilfork, out-eat Joey Chestnut, and out-cheat Tiger Woods!"?  The funniest part?  Rondo probably actually thinks he's better than all those guys at what they do best.

Now, back to the Celtics.  Not only will the C's miss Marquis Daniels, who ESPNBoston's Chris Forsberg reports has been wearing tape around his left hand and wrist since Nov. 14 before reinjuring it catching Rondo's pass, but they will also be experiencing subtraction by addition with Daniels' replacement Tony Allen.  Yikes.

Moral of the story?  Don't catch a fastball from Nolan Ryan Rondo.


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