Lester Hudson's D-League stay likely a short one

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Via the Boston Herald:
Doc Rivers still likes the point guard very much, but he’s played just 49 minutes after a DNP last night in the 110-105 win against the Grizzlies.

"He’s on a very good team where it’s very difficult to get minutes, but that hasn’t sidetracked his work,” Rivers said. “We’re going to send him down pretty soon to the NBDL for a week or so to get him some games, because I don’t like our young guys going these long stretches without playing games. And then we’re going to bring him back. I think that will help him.”
I, for one, think Lester could benefit from a prolonged stay in the D-League.  If he's not going to play a single meaningful minute in Boston, what's the point of having him toil on the bench when he could be earning valuable experience in the D-League?

Remember, this is a guy who played college at the University of Tennessee-Martin, where he played against some poor competition.  So playing against some D-League competition could really be beneficial to him.

Plus, I'd rather see Bill Walker get his chance with the C's.  Now there's a player who could really make a role for himself on this team, especially with the Marquis Daniels injury.  For some reason, though, the Celtics are happier to give Tony Allen Daniels' leftover minutes. 

Oy vay.


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