Kendrick Perkins used to be... an altar boy?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

By far and away my favorite part of last night's game was when Kendrick Perkins smiled.  He actually smiled, and I almost fell off my chair in surprise when he did.  It came after Tony Allen did his little Indian rain dance after his fast break dunk, and Perk found the excessive celebration so funny he actually smiled.

That smile answered a couple of questions for me: 1) Does Perk know how to smile? (Answer: Against all odds, yes.) and 2) Does Perk even have teeth? (Answer: He actually does.)

But if it weren't for that smile, another Perk moment would have been my favorite moment of the game: In the third quarter, Comcast Sports New England played a feature in which Perk talked about... being an altar boy?

Perk was an altar boy (yes, THAT kind of altar boy) all the way through his senior year of high school.

Can you imagine Perk walking down your church aisle, wearing his formal robes, or sheets, or whatever that get-up is that altar boys wear?  Just picture him scowling as he carries the cross through church, or throwing elbows as he prepares the wine for communion.  Or maybe setting a moving screen for the priest on their way out of the church.

If Perk hadn't smiled last night, his revelation that he was an altar boy in high school would have been the most shocking moment of my young life.  As it is, it'll have to settle for second-most surprising Perk story of the night...

It isn't often that he smiles.


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