Kendrick Perkins improving shot release

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Via ESPNBoston:

As Celtics coach Doc Rivers recently noted, "If you been around here enough, it sometimes felt like it took him forever to get it up. [Editor's note: That's what she said.)  He's a gatherer, that's what we call it. He has to gather the ball to go up. You see him doing drills each day, catch and going up quick. He's doing it better."
Watching him, it's easy to see the improvements Perkins has made.  I used to complain all the time about Perk bringing the basketball down, giving both time for big men to recover and an opportunity for guards to swipe at the basketball.  But now he is keeping it high, getting rid of it faster, and becoming a little bit of an offensive threat.

By the way, can't you just see Perk doing the Mikan Drill with a huge scowl on his face?


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