Glen Davis working hard to stay thin(-ish)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The holidays are a time for family, a time for friends, and a time for relaxing.  But, most of all, the holidays are a time for eating.

I've only been home for the holidays for a single day, and already I've gained 15 pounds.  (Note: I think this is an exaggeration but, judging from the size of my gut, it may not be.)  When Christmas comes around, it'll be even worse; then, I'll stuff my face with all the hor'deuvres my aunts and uncles have made.  I'll sit in front of the t.v. and not stop eating for the entire day.

But, no matter how out of shape I get, and everyone else gets, over Christmas, Glen Davis is determined not to.

Via Jessica Camerato, WEEI:
Davis has hired a personal chef to cook nutritional meals this season. He is not limited to a daily caloric intake and keeps the pounds off by following a dedicated workout routine during his rehab. Davis explained to how he has adapted his diet to stay thin without being on the court. (And yes, he can sneak a cookie too.)

A Disciplined Diet: “I’ll eat an egg white omelette topped with a piece of French toast, carbs, protein [for breakfast]. Then I’ll lift, work out, do a lot of cardio. I have proportional meals so now I cut my lunch into half and then I eat it three hours later. I eat the other half three hours later, and I eat dinner, and I work out.”
Maybe next time Davis gets in a fight, he could use the rules of his diet.  He should just punch his friend a little at first, then save the rest of the punch for three hours later. I bet if he did that, he never would have broken his thumb.


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