Glen Davis has cast taken off, does 'light work' in practice

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Via the Globe:
Glen “Big Baby’’ Davis had the soft cast removed from his right hand and did some light work Sunday
So the Big Fella could be returning soon, presumably to take over whatever's left of Shelden Williams' minutes. 

Just don't let him catch a pass from "Nolan Ryan Rondo".

Also from that Globe article, Ray Allen is playing terrific defense despite his prolonged shooting slump:

Since arriving in Boston three years ago, Allen has drastically improved his defensive reputation and worked arduously to blend into coach Doc Rivers’s help-oriented defensive system. Assigned to some of the league’s top shooting guards, Allen put special emphasis on stopping dribble penetration and contesting jump shots.

While Allen has been working to end his perimeter struggles, his defense is peaking and that is not lost on Rivers.

“It’s funny you noticed because we were kidding with him that I thought it was one of his better games,’’ Rivers said of the Oklahoma City game. “And San Antonio as well on [Manu] Ginobili at times. What we want him to do as much as possible is to keep the ball square and then contest shots and I thought he did both. Harden, I don’t think, got a shot off without a hand in his face. He was right in his face. When Ray does that, it brings another dimension to our defense.’’

Ray has been playing very good defense, but it's nothing new.  Ever since coming to Boston, Ray has been a surprisingly good defender capable of guarding some of the league's best shooting guards.  Remember Kobe's poor Finals performance, when he didn't have a single breakout game?  Well, it was mostly Ray guarding him.

It's nice to see Ray get some credit for his defensive work, but his effort on that end of the court hasn't changed.


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