Doc Rivers: Boston Celtics "never that good" last season

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Via NewsOK -
"Last year, I said it all year, and no one wanted to hear it. But as good as our record was, we were never that good,” Rivers said. "I didn’t think we had the right mindset the entire year last year. We had too many things going on.

"Two years ago, we had a one-agenda team — that was to win the title. I think this team has that same thought process. There’s not other stuff going on. This team is focused on winning. That doesn’t mean we’re playing well, yet. But we are focused on one thing, which gives you a chance to be a good team.”
It's nice to see Doc thinks this team is entirely focused on winning ball games and -- the ultimate goal -- winning a championship.  But let's not kid anyone, Doc: The Celtics are playing pretty damn good basketball right now.


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