Celtics-Warriors game preview: Boston's size vs. Golden St.'s quickness

Monday, December 28, 2009

Over the past few games, Golden St. has been starting Anthony Randolph at center and Corey Maggette at power forward. Now, if you're playing a pickup game against a team with little structure and no viable big men, that's okay. But against an NBA team with big, talented, physical interior players? Then, it could be a recipe for disaster.

Granted, playing Randolph at center is probably better than playing Mikki Moore, out with an injured heel. (Note: Even sitting with an injury, I still expect Mikki to get into foul trouble.)  But against the Celtics, a team that loves to go inside early and often, taking advantage of their big, skilled frontcourt, Golden St.'s so-called big men could be in for some serious trouble.

If Don Nelson expects Maggette to be able to defend KG, or Randolph to defend Perk, he's got another thing coming to him. 

On the other end, though, the C's could have some serious issues matching up with the Warriors' quickness.  Maggette should be able to drive by KG just about whenever he chooses, and Randolph should be able to go around Perk more or less at will.

Really, whoever dictates the style of play should win this one.  If the Celtics slow the game down and pound the ball inside, it could become a bloodbath; if the Warriors get their athletes out in space and utilize their speed, it could be a game. 

So what wins, size or quickness?

I say size, but let's just be happy Baron Davis isn't on the Warriors... He has both.


Three things to look for in tonight's game:
  •  Rajon Rondo vs. Stephen Curry - Curry isn't the NBA's quickest player, and Rondo just might be.  If Rondo is aggressive going to the hoop, he should have his way with the athletically unimposing former Davidson star.
  • Rasheed Wallace's shot selection - In the first half of yesterday's game, 'Sheed was posting up and destroying Brian Skinner on the blocks.  In the second half, he was short-arming three after three.  When 'Sheed's down low, he's a force... he just doesn't do it all the time.
  • Glen Davis - Big Baby could have a huge impact on this game.  He is strong enough to destroy Golden St. down low, yet quick enough to stay in front of the Warriors quick "big men."  It's weird to say someone so overweight is quick, but Big Baby is one nimble chunker.

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