Celtics Town looking for new writer

Saturday, December 12, 2009

With our new blog dedicated to giving more constant updates, it's become increasingly difficult to run Celtics Town with our current crop of writers.  Because time can only permit us to write so many posts in a day, we would like to open up a search for the newest Celtics Town writer in order to expand our coverage of the team. 

We ask only that our new addition be reliable, committed, a knowledgable NBA and Celtics fan, and a damn good writer.  If you would like to be considered for the position, please email me at jayking@celticstown.com, or contact me via Twitter @CelticsTown.  In order for us to gauge your writing skills, please send a sample (or preferably three or four samples) of your writing.  You don't have to have any experience as a blogger, you just need to be committed and talented.

We are looking for at least one individual to assist with the blog and another to be a columnist.  Or, if you're really committed, you could even do both.

We don't have any money to give you (I can hear you all screaming DAMN IT!), but we can offer you exposure for your writing and a place for your opinions to be heard.

Also, don't be crushed if we don't pick you.  Not being chosen to write for Celtics Town isn't quite the end of the world.


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