Celtics simply too good for Thunder in 105-87 win

Friday, December 4, 2009

Well that was easy enough.  The Celtics were completely dominant tonight, beating the Oklahoma City Thunder 105-87.  Honestly, there was only one period of time when the Thunder looked like they belonged on the same floor as the C's -- a small stretch in the middle of the second quarter, when Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were attacking the rim, using their length and athleticism to their advantage.  Other than that little span, this game was all C's, all the time.

Though I will be posting a full recap tomorrow morning on the home page, here are a few notes from the blowout:

  • Kevin Garnett needs to do the stop, drop and roll.  He was absolutely on fire in the third quarter, with a parade of dunks and jumpers to blow this game wide open. (P.s. - sorry for the miserable stop, drop and roll joke.)
  • As good as Garnett was in the third quarter, Paul Pierce was that good in the first half.  21 points for the Truth in the first half, on incredibly efficient scoring.  He picked his spots, hit his threes, and got to the line in leading the C's terrific start to the game.
  • Extremely balanced scoring.  Boston had 7 players in double figures, and none attempted more than 11 shots.
  • Rondo was great, especially in the third quarter when he and KG completely dominated.
  • Kevin Durant is an absolute killer. Need I say more?
  • Thunder only had two players in double figures. (Westbrook, with 15, was the other.)
  • Now a 7-game win streak for the C's, who are atop the Eastern Conference standings.


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