NBA Dunks: Top Ten Dunk Contest Dunks

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today’s Top 10 list is the dunk contest edition and we’re in for a treat. If anybody wants to debate which professional sports league has the best athletes, I present these dunks as Exhibit A for the NBA cause.

I think I realized I’d never make the NBA after I watched my first dunk contest. Maybe I’d learn to shoot, dribble, and pass well enough, but I didn’t have the pixie-dust to fly like MJ.

My top 10 list will include a lot of familiar dunks and dunkers, but no foul-line dunks. Not Dr. J’s, not MJ’s. You guys can send me hate mail, but I stubbornly refuse to consider these great dunks. Any mediocre NBA athlete can dunk from the foul line. It’s just not that hard. Brent Barry did it!

Actually, there is one foul-line dunk, but it’s not going to be the one you guys expect!

10. MJ Leaner

Classic MJ dunk delivered with a lot of flair. Almost looks like he’s going to mess up the dunk before he recovers in mid-air in spectacular fashion. Look for the little hesitation to see what I’m talking about.

(NOTE: The dunk is 33 sec into the video)

9. Dwight Howard Volleyball Dunk

I’m choosing this dunk over the far more popular Superman dunk for one reason. He didn’t even dunk the ball! He just threw it in! Talk about an overhyped dunk.

8. Dwight Howard Behind the Backboard

Even though the Superman layup wasn't a dunk, you still have to respect the man’s dunking ability. Unbelievably hard dunk. Not only does he have to avoid hitting his head on the backboard, but he finishes with the left, too!

7. Vince Carter alley-oop through the legs

Another through the legs dunk. This Carter dunk ranks so high not because of the originality, but because of how clean the dunk is. Does any other dunker make the near impossible look so effortless?

6. Gerald Green Bday Cupcake

Sadly, this candle represents Gerald Green’s NBA Career.

5. Jason Richardson off the glass, between the legs

Off the glass, between the legs. Just had to say it again and let it sink in.

4. James White D-League FT Windmill

After stumbling upon this D-League All-Star Game gem, I’ve made the executive decision to include the dunk. I mean the D-League is part of the NBA , right? And how can this dunk not be on the list? A vicious windmill from the free throw line. Dwarfs all the other free throw line dunks in comparison, don’t you think?

3. Jason Richardson, another between the legs

A truly exciting, original take on the between the legs dunk.

2. 'Nique Windmill Tomahawk

This dunk followed our #10 dunk in the ’85 Contest and defies description. Is it a windmill? Is it a tomahawk? Nobody can combine power and grace the way Nique could.

(NOTE: The dunk is 45 sec into the video)

1. Vince Carter Reverse 360

The best individual dunk from the best set of dunks in NBA Dunk Contest history.


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