Stephon Marbury's UStream: The Highlights

Saturday, August 15, 2009

In case you haven’t heard, Stephon Marbury had a live, 24-hour webcast where he talked about anything and everything, spanning topics from God to getting his nails done. Yes, that’s right, getting his nails done.

If you ever saw Steph’s clip from Mike’d Up - where Steph acts in a wildly entertaining manner (you can call it goofy, you can call it funny, you can call it insane or you could call it potentially drug-induced) – you understand how big a deal it was that Steph did this 24-hour stream. That Mike’d-Up clip lives on in infamy and glory, and entertained thousands, maybe even millions of people – and it was only twelve minutes long.

The broadcast spanning yesterday and today was 24 hours! of uncensored Stephon Marbury. Over the time I spent watching, I saw Steph shave, dance, apply deodorant and talk about anything and everything that crossed his mind. Much of the conversation was spurred on by Twitter, which allowed users to directly contact Marbury during the broadcast. (Follow Celtics Town on Twitter by clicking here.) I couldn’t watch the entire time, because – surprise, surprise - I actually had to do some other things, but for the short period of time that I did watch, I couldn’t help but be enthralled by the action. Here’s a brief rundown of what Steph said while I was watching (note: The quotes are estimates – I tried to write them down as fast as I could, but the stream didn’t stop and you couldn’t rewind. They are very close to exact quotes, though.):

Random remarks:

  • No more than two minutes after saying how much each of his tattoos mean to him, Steph was asked his favorite scripture from the Bible and responded, “Psalm 23. I don’t even know why I [tattooed] it on my body – I just did it because somebody else did it.”

  • When talking about how he wishes he could speak more languages, Steph brought up the time when he was getting his nails done (!) and how he wishes he could have understood the girl doing his nails, who was Vietnamese. You get your nails done, Steph?

  • And he does ballet, too. But not anymore. He used to, and he thought it was really difficult.

  • On his DUI arrest, Marbury said “When I got pulled over I wasn’t drunk to the point of being messed up – I was drunk to the point where I shouldn’t have been driving.”

  • Steph on God: “I know He exists, because I’ve seen Him.”

  • About the Celtics:

  • Regarding this past season’s playing time: “I had splinters all in my ass.” He said his family and friends would yell at him after each game where he only played eight or nine minutes.

  • When asked who was better, Rajon Rondo or himself, Marbury answered Rondo – politically correct, but I’m not sure that’s how the self-proclaimed best point guard in the NBA really feels.

  • When asked about Doc Rivers, Rondo raved about the way Doc deals with personalities. What Steph, you mean he was better than Isiah Thomas?

  • When asked who the best player on the Celtics is, Stephon answered Kevin Garnett, for the way he makes the team better. Steph went on to say the C’s with KG are a completely different team. Very true, Steph, and never more evident than in last year’s playoffs.

  • Other basketball thoughts:

  • Steph said Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA now, but that Michael Jordan is the best of all-time. Nothing earth-shattering there, although Lebron might disagree.

  • When asked who was the best basketball player from Coney Island, Stephon answered Lance Stephenson (a soon-to-be college freshman), bypassing himself and his cousin, Sebastian Telfair.

  • Before Stephon had 39 points on AI on Steph’s 21st birthday, his sister told him she loves him but that God loves him more. A big night in Steph’s life.

  • Steph was really close to attending Syracuse out of high school, but Bobby Cremins told Steph he would “have the ball in his hands” at Georgia Tech. And Steph needs the ball in his hands.

  • If you missed the broadcast, be sure to watch next time. No matter what you feel about him, Stephon Marbury provides non-stop entertainment.


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